Wednesday, June 26, 2013

just bad luck

{photos by HaLee Curtis Photography}

do you ever have days where your computer crashes, you lose all your editing software, and you find out it will be over two weeks until you get it back? you have? great. now i feel a whole lot less mad about the predicament i am in right now.

i don't have a computer. i can't edit any photos. and i'm not sure when i'll be getting it back. but until then, i shall do my best to find a few old photoshoots to post, so that you all have something to look at. and i promise that the day i get my computer back i will edit all our outfit photos and be back to our normal schedule.

dress - eshakti, cami - ebay, belt - gap, heels - nine west


  1. Missed you on the 'blogosphere' Beautiful Beautiful! Love your wardrobe;)

  2. The dress is stunning!

    I'm sorry about your computer problems. That must be rough :( I've never had to experience it, thankfully (ugh...hopefully I don't jinx myself!), but it sounds very inconvenient. And I've definitely missed your lovely fashion posts!