Monday, June 10, 2013

stripes and gingham

we're bad bloggers. we've already realized this. it's not because we fail to dress cutely every now and then, or because we lead busy lives. how could you believe either of these false accusations?? the reality is, we get distracted. by ice cream. and shopping.

and then we get back on track. and we mix some fabulous patterns, take pictures, and post them for you to see and admire. because we love you guys more than we love having our own lives.

top - loft, jeans - j. crew, shoes - j. crew, glasses - ernest hemingway, headband - scrap fabric


  1. When it comes to clothes I tend to be a stickler for things to be matchy matchy. I'm trying to branch out:) Love how well you combined these colors. Love the new blog BTW!

  2. Such a cute outfit, and the glasses kind of just cap it off in classiness :) That sounds rather unintelligible....

  3. LOVE the headband/headscarf/thing-in-your-hair. =)