Friday, May 31, 2013

no party like a {graduation} party

on sunday evening, our family hosted rachel's high school graduation party--a small, intimate affair for one hundred and twenty of our closest friends. there were hot dogs, there were hamburgers, there was a photobooth, someone brought pie, and, oh yeah, we all tore up the dance floor.

lots of our relatives and friends came into town to celebrate rachel surviving thirteen years of school, and we all enjoyed dressing up, chowing down on good food, and swinging the night away.
because we love photos and dressing up so much, we thought it only appropriate to host a photobooth. with ridiculous hats. and lots of cheesy friends hamming it up with the strangest faces.
and of course, since it was rachel's party, there was pie. lots and lots of pie.

after the food, photos, and a few short speeches by our dad and rachel, we turned on the lights and went crazy. cha-cha slide, cupid shuffle, frank sinatra, and even a few motown hits--it was a heck of a party. what a way to end this phase of life with a bang. and now, a new journey begins!
rachel - dress: vintage (from mother of vintage), sweater - j. crew, heels - ebay
hannah - skirt: loft, sweater - j. crew, heels - thrifted, necklace - j. crew

Thursday, May 30, 2013


dear random person,
so…. sorry i took some photos for my fashion blog in front of your office building.  there’s nothing more awkward than casually posing for photos while someone’s trying to file their documents.  i’m sorry. it’s not my fault your building is super cute and just so happened to match my outfit today! these pictures were well worth the few times we made awkward eye contact… sort of.

top: downeast basics, jeans: thrifted, flats: banana republic, necklace: downeast basics

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

{sixteen going on seventeen}


like the good little homeschool girl that i was, i grew up with a dream. and that was to one day be liesl from "the sound of music". if you have even a scrap of dignity in you, then you'll admit that you used to watch this scene, get warm little butterflies floating in your stomach, and dream of the day that you could wear a powdery pink dress and dance on benches with a cute singing boy.

when i saw this dress on the rack at shareen vintage in nyc, my heart stopped. because i knew that once i tried that dress on, i could at least pretend that my childhood dream was coming true. i could become liesl for just a brief amount of time and spin around with my puffy pink sleeves, making all the rosy-cheeked boys burst into song.

i got some stares on the street, though. apparently not everyone finds puffed sleeves and button-up backs appealing these days. shame on them.

dress - vintage (from shareen vintage), belt - gap, heels - nine west

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

whipping things together

i made this skirt, and i have a confession: i was terrified. i mean… making a full skirt is hard enough, but a pencil skirt? forget about it! well, i couldn’t forget about it, and i knew this fabric would not look good with pleats. so i dove in… without a pattern, and without a clue of what to do. somehow it turned out, and i’m so glad it did! i just know i’m going to wear this skirt all the time….

top: tommy hilfiger, skirt: made by me, shoes: guess

Friday, May 24, 2013

{taking on} nyc

we recently got the opportunity to spend a day in new york city with some good friends. from the perspective of two teenage girls from the country, the city is a big and bustling world, full off heavenly (and sometimes downright creepy) smells, sounds, and sights.

our one must-see stop was the famous shareen vintage. hidden on a back street in the heart of a city, this gem of a shop doesn't even have a sign, just a red gown hanging from a walk-up. but what we found inside was a wonderland of vintage dresses, just waiting for us to come and try them on. we played dress-up, made friends with the wonderful shopgirls, and even made a purchase or two!

and, of course, we rode the giant ferris wheel at the one and only times square toys "r" us. we got the barbie car. it was amazing.

we ended the day with a stroll through times square and a few stops for some famous hot dogs, soft pretzels, and new york style pizza.


new york, we love you. we hope to see you again soon. xoxo.

rachel - top: urban outfitters, jeans: j. crew, shoes: gap, bag: kate spade new york, sunglasses: raybans
hannah - top: j. crew, skirt: old navy, scarf: tommy hilfiger, bag: local boutique, sunglasses: old navy

Thursday, May 23, 2013

picnic in the park

in case you were wondering... in my spare time i like to eat strawberries, lie on vintage quilts, drink lemonade, and read tennyson.


blouse - vintage, dress - eshakti, belt - thrifted