Tuesday, July 23, 2013

uptown girls

i'm about to hit you with a ton of pictures. why? because rarely do i get to dress up and take photos at such an absolutely gorgeous place with a stunning view and equally fabulous partner in crime. portland, oregon certainly holds its own against little old middle-of-nowhere, virginia. (although hannah is back in virginia now, waiting patiently for me to get home so we can take some more pictures together soon)

it is such a God thing, too, that elaini just happened to have two nearly identical pink vintage dresses in her basement, just dying to be tried on. what started out as a little dress up game turned into a full-out photoshoot at crown point that led to visitors staring and asking, "are you two going to a wedding?"

"no, dahling, we're just fabulous."

rachel: dress - vintage, heels - steve madden
elaini: dress - vintage, flats - thrifted


  1. Okay, so those pictures in front of that view have just proven to me how absolutely gorgeous Oregon is. Think I may have to go there sometime - you know, when I get the money and ability to do so. ;)

    And oh yes, dahling, y'all really are just fabulous. Your hair is so pretty here, Rachel!! And Elaini, I think that dress was MADE for you. :)

  2. My favorite shoot of the blog so far. Dresses gorgeous. Hair beautiful. Lighting amazing. Scenery breathtaking. Could it be anymore beautiful! Love love.

  3. I love your dresses; especially yours Rachel!!!

    Gorgeous shoot!

  4. I wish I could have somehow met you while you were in Portland. I live in Goldendale, Washington, a small town about two hours away from Portland, but I happened to have been there Monday July 15th and Sunday July 21st, heading to and from Indiana.

    Those two dresses are lovely and you both look beautiful in them. And you're so talented at posing! By the way, who takes your pictures?

  5. Hey, nice post sweets....
    Maybe we can follow each other..!!
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