Monday, July 15, 2013

when bloggers meet...

meet elaini. the most beautiful, sweet, godly, spunky girl i have ever had the pleasure of meeting. she's my best friend from across the country and this summer i had the amazing opportunity of flying from sea to shining sea (aka virginia to portland) and spend a few weeks with this gal.

because we're still experiencing a few technical difficulties with our computer back home, the next few posts will be coming from me (rachel) and elaini! hannah will be back really soon and we can't wait to get together again. (because sisters are the best kind of friends)

until then, i'll be enjoying this sweet girl's company! eating ice cream, walking in the park, and vintage shopping to our hearts' content...

(check out more pics on elaini's blog!)

rachel: sweater - j. crew, jeans - j. crew, earrings - loft
elaini: top - loft (rachel's), shorts - old navy, bracelets - target and kate spade


  1. So cute! Love how your earrings tie both of you together. Hope you have a fun trip:)

  2. What! You were in Portland and you didn't tell me? Actually, I live two hours away from Portland, so . . .