Friday, May 10, 2013

ker-plink, ker-plop!

we had an addiction when we were little. it was big, purple, and it sang ridiculously catchy songs that, to this day, still get stuck in our heads. yep, we're talkin' bout barney. the friendly dinosaur. remember this song? that's what we still think of when it rains.

and it rained this week. a lot. so we dusted off our rainboots, pulled out our umbrellas, and made-do. now if some of those raindrops would just turn to lemonbars and gumdrops.... oh, what a rain that would be.

rachel: top - banana republic, jeans - j. crew, boots - j. crew, umbrella - gap
hannah: top - tommy hilfiger, skirt - j crew, boots - kohl's, umbrella - dollar store


  1. Oh, good. Someone else was totally enthralled with Barney too. ;) I think I was somewhat obsessed when I was little.

    I loooove the boots. And the bright umbrellas. And, Hannah, I love the skirt! ...and shirt. Your whole outfit is adorable. <3

  2. P.s. I love the third picture! :)

  3. Thanks so much Emily! It's hard to love a giant, purple dinosaur... :)