Tuesday, May 14, 2013

come sail away

i've always wanted to love boating… really, i have… it’s just never worked out between us. (cue sad, dramatic music) it all started… well, actually I don’t know when it started, maybe when i got sick riding the ferry at an amusement park (there was a ninety-year-old lady next to me who didn’t seem sympathize with my terrible predicament).

or the time i got ill while on a semi-large ship to going to an island… i may or may not have been lying on a bench in the shade, begging my family members to bring me water and fan me. so anyway, i think i’ll always dream about being cool enough to go sailing, but in reality i'll always be the one with my face turning green and a wet washcloth covering my face.

skirt - anthropologie, ruffle tank - j. crew, sweater - j. crew, wedges - j. crew, bow sash - hannah's own

1 comment:

  1. Adorable!! :) Sailing-styles are the best. ;)