Monday, May 6, 2013

lil' pop o' color

me mum always told me to wear a pop o' color next to me face to look pretty and youthful. oh, wait. no, she didn't. my mom doesn't even like wearing color that much, and is usually pretty satisfied with a wardrobe of beiges and blacks. and i'm from the south, so i call her "momma". and basically every attempt i make to sound cute and british fails and i end up looking like a six-year-old.

so, yeah. i'm not british. and me mum probably hates it when i call her that. but i do enjoy a little splash of color in life, just to keep things interesting.


top - tommy hilfiger, jeans - j crew, jacket - vintage, shoes - thrifted, flower pin - claire's

1 comment:

  1. OHMYGOODNESS. Rachel, I am so stinkin' excited over this!! :D I can't stress how exciting this is! Seriously, I am pretty sure I am your biggest stalker around and that your name gets mentioned at least once a day by me in my house. And now I have a chance to stalk Hannah too. Fantastic! ;) You girls are so cute!!

    Oh! and you used Blogspot. Even better! ...and just to clear things up, I'm the Emily from over at your blog that decided to start using the name EmilyC because another Emily commented and stole my identity. Just so y'know. ;)