Thursday, May 30, 2013


dear random person,
so…. sorry i took some photos for my fashion blog in front of your office building.  there’s nothing more awkward than casually posing for photos while someone’s trying to file their documents.  i’m sorry. it’s not my fault your building is super cute and just so happened to match my outfit today! these pictures were well worth the few times we made awkward eye contact… sort of.

top: downeast basics, jeans: thrifted, flats: banana republic, necklace: downeast basics


  1. hahaha! Awkward eye contact...don't we love it? :) Your outfit is SO cute and I love your top!

  2. must have been a great deal of fun, Hannah! Beautiful outfit. I so love the top especially :).

  3. That building is tres perfect for your outfit:)

    I love this top and that pop of color you've got going on with your necklace is so cute!!!

    1. Thanks so much Kianna! This necklace is quickly becoming one of my faves!