Tuesday, December 17, 2013

as if i had an office

sometimes i wonder what it would be like to have an office job. not the boring "paper filing," "coffee fetching" stuff, but the part where you get to dress all professionally and whatnot. i just want to wear a pencil skirt and heels and not be stared at! is that too much to ask for? and in case anyone was wondering what i really wear while "working"... fuzzy pants and fuzzy socks are the usual uniform.
skirt - nanette lepore (thrifted), sweater - banana republic, necklace - j. crew, heels - old navy


  1. You have a dazzling smile, girl! You're making me wanna get my braces off soooon! :)

  2. I hear you. I normally can't wear a dress without people asking why I'm "all dressed up" or what fancy event I'm off to. But I suppose we'll just have to be the odd ones, won't we? :)

    On another note, your smile is gorgeous! I remember the freedom and relief I felt after getting my braces off.

    xoxo, Alesha

  3. I love it! I want to have an office job someday too . . . it would be fun to be able to dress up every day and stretch my creative side :) I do try to dress nicely for class every morning, but I still wear pants (except on Friday, where both my dad and I rebel against the "casual Friday" norm). I think I want to take a step out of my comfort zone next quarter and make myself really dress up for every day of class!