Friday, December 6, 2013

may the odds be ever {in your favor}

a few weeks ago, we went on a little trip to the movie theaters to visit our boyfriends, peeta and finnick. they were a little disturbed at our technicolor "capitol"esque apparel, but we won them over with our witty remarks and sugar cubes. we cried, cheered them on, and clapped loudly enough to annoy all the guys in the movie theater. oh, and we did it all again five days later. what are two lovesick women to do anyway?
rachel: skirt - dior (ebay find!), jacket - thrifted, top - j. crew (thrifted), hat - vintage
hannah: skirt - j. crew, top - forever 21, bangle - vintage, bow - borrowed from a friend
and in case you were wondering who did our fabulous hair and makeup, meet our friend lily! she's amazing. 


  1. You three look awesome--and very Hunger Games-ish!

  2. My reputation might be terminated from here on out, but at least we looked fabulous! ;)