Thursday, December 19, 2013

{stripe} right there

sometimes i forget that not everyone thinks of stripes as a neutral, and i am shocked all over again. i mean, i wear stripes with color, polka dots, and, when i'm feeling especially risky... with other stripes! just a word of advice to all the ladies out there: don't fear stripes, befriend them! (actually, best friend them) and yes, i am wearing this necklace again. i live on the edge.
jacket - banana republic, jeans - j. crew, necklace - j. crew, boots - nordstrom


  1. Oh wow! You look so much like Rachel with your hair down that I thought it was her at first!

    I love your style. It's so classy, and definitely "on the edge"! You two are an inspiration to someone who loves fashion but tends to be hampered by the safe side :)

    1. Haha everyone keeps saying she looks like me! I think she should feel quite complimented. ;) hehe. Jokes aside though, we are so glad that you are drawing inspiration from the site and that it is an encouragement to you!